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IFS MasterClass Series, 2024: IFS and Neurodiverse relationships with Kim Bolling


Neurodiversity is a proposed framework that argues there is intrinsic diversity in human brain function and cognition, and that certain things currently classified as mental disorders are differences and disabilities but are not necessarily pathological. The framework grew out of the autism rights movement and builds on the social model of disability, arguing that disability partly arises from societal barriers, rather than attributing disability purely to inherent deficits. It instead situates human cognitive variation in the context of biodiversity and the politics of minority groups. Some neurodiversity advocates and researchers argue that the neurodiversity paradigm is the middle ground between strong medical model and strong social model. The neurodiversity paradigm has been controversial among disability advocates, with opponents arguing it risks downplaying the suffering associated with some disabilities, and that it calls for the acceptance of things some would wish to be treated. “– Forward for the term Neurodiversity in Wikipedia.


IFS from a neuro-inclusive lens can be a powerful modality for helping all clients, including neurodivergent clients with ADHD and/or Autism. In this workshop I’ll help you to recognize when an individual client or member of a couple may be neurodivergent, and how to adapt IFS therapy to better serve this population. I’ll provide a brief overview of neurodiversity and some of its key concepts including double-empathy. Through didactics, experientials, case examples, and demonstration, you’ll come away with some concrete tools and guidelines for better serving neurodivergent clients within the IFS framework.


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Kim is a Licensed Psychologist in private practice, working from the greater Boston area of the US. Kim is an Assistant Trainer for the powerful couple modality Intimacy from the Inside Out® (IFIO), which is based on the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of therapy and personality. Kim is a Certified IFS Therapist and Clinical Consultant for IFS. She has a special interest in neurodiversity, and combines her training as a neurodiverse couples counselor with IFS and IFIO to bring an insight-oriented approach to working with neurodivergent individuals and mixed-neurotype couples. Kim has presented her work at the Annual IFS Conference, and has been a featured guest on the Neurodiverse Love podcast.


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