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IFS MasterClass Series, 2021: Finding and trusting your inner guides


Many IFS therapists have sceptical parts connected to this phenomenon and clients may have managing protective parts claiming to be guides. What can we do with this?

Bob reminds us that the IFS model is a “constraint-release” model and applies that understanding to working with Unattached Burdens (UBs) which he describes as the “Royal Road” to finding guidance.

In this workshop he will help IFS therapists to discern what is going on inside and how to differentiate true Inner Guidance from other presentations (parts and/or UBs).

IFS informs us of a radical shift in our understanding of what it is to be human. Bob explores the implications of this shift in the context of his many years of researching and writing about human consciousness.


Robert Falconer is an anthropologist, Masters in Psychology and IFS Counselor since more than 20 years, Proffessor, author of «The others within us» and coauthor with Richard Schwartz of “Many minds one Self”.



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